Monday, March 18, 2013

Final week of The Crimson Hunt blog tour + it's only .99!

Hey, everyone! I have a really quick post here. I just wanted to post the final week of The Crimson Hunt blog tour, and let everyone know a special annoucement. To celebrate the last week of the tour:

That's right. You can all get a copy of The Crimson Hunt for the price of a cup a coffee (gas station not Starbucks, LOL) until Friday.

Thanks everyone, and have a great week!

March 18th
-The Girl in a Cafe >> Review + Guest Post
-Doodle's Book Blog >> Review

March 19th
-Nick's Book Blog >> Review
-Characetrized >> Review 
-The Cozy Reading Corner >> Interview

March 20th
-New Adult Addiction >> Review + Guest Post
-YA Book Addict >> Excerpt
-Reader Girls >> Review
-Books i View >> Review

March 21st
-Tater's Tall Tails >> Character Interview
-The Flyleaf Review >> Review

March 22nd
-Lose Time Reading >> Review


Summer Lane said...

What an awesome tour you had!!! So happy for you! :) And yes. Gas station, not Starbucks coffee, haha

jaybird said...

Great job on the blog tour! I could really go for a good cup of coffee, right now!

Samantha May said...

Whoa what a busy tour! Congratulations on all of your success!!


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